The brands are selected based on our vision of sustainability. The brands selected with care make it possible to address 6 different sustainability issues: Material, Packaging, Emission, Social, Cruelty Free and Hypoallergenic. Cruelty Free and Hypoallergenic are understood as such, but what is behind the other filter options?

All filters are brand specific and not product specific.


Brands appear under the sustainable material heading if they meet at least one of the following criteria: compostable materials, conscious choice of materials, organic and/or recycled materials.


We classify brands under sustainable packaging if you either actively reduce packaging, use recycled materials and/ or compostable materials as packaging.


Emission includes all the brands that reduce emissions through production in Europe, with solar energy, more efficient production and/or compensation projects such as planting trees.


All the brands that are classified by Lullaby Planet as sustainable social are committed to certain issues, such as equality, pay fair, have strict standards in production sites and / or support aid projects.

Each product is also marked with stars. Each ☆ stands for one of the above sustainability topics. Hereby we want to show you how many aspects the respective brand of the product takes into account.

If you are curious about how exactly the brands contribute to our goal of sustainability, you can find related articles of the selected brands under Blogs. We at Lullaby Planet hope that the list will grow in the future and even more topics will be addressed, according to which the suitable product can be selected.