How to find the right size soother for your baby

Find the right size soother for your baby   

Of course, you can find out what size soother is perfect for your baby by trying it out. But you can also try the little finger-method. It's a very simple test that many parents have good success with:  

  1. Gently insert your clean little finger into your child's mouth, with the soft side facing the palate.  
  2. When the finger hits the point where the sucking complex is, baby will create a vacuum and start sucking on the finger. 
  3. Mark the spot on your finger where your baby's lips meet (e.g., by placing your thumbnail).  
  4. Measure the distance from the tip of the little finger to the nail - you'll know the ideal length of your baby's soother. 

In addition to size, Lullaby Planet soothers are all labelled with length and width, so you can find the right soother for your child. 


When to change the size of the soother?   

Not sure if the soother your baby is using is too big or too small? Basically, if your baby is happy with a certain size, there's no need to change to a bigger one. It's not unusual for a child to use the same soother size for much longer than the age recommendation on the packet - or for the child to switch to a larger size before the age recommendation. 

However, as a parent, you should be aware that a larger soother will necessarily take up more space in the child's mouth and therefore put more pressure on the palate and gums than a similar model in a smaller size would. Therefore, we do not recommend switching to a larger size soother until the need arises. 


When is the pacifier too small? 

How do you know when to move up a size? If you are not sure whether the soother your baby is using is too small, or that baby is outgrowing his soother, luckily there are some clear signs of this:   

If the soother is too small, your baby will have to struggle to keep the soother in his mouth. Other children spit the soother out in a hurry because it does no good for them, i.e., it does not activate the sucking reflex. Sometimes you can even see marks on your child's cheeks from where the shield was because your child had to suck so hard on the pacifier. 


How can you tell if the pacifier is too big? 

You will have no doubt whether the soother is too big when you introduce it to your baby, as baby will have distinct vomiting sensations and spit out the soother. 

This is because the teat reflex is located just in front of the vomiting reflex in the baby's mouth. A pacifier that is too long will therefore hit just past the point where the sucking reflex is located and instead give your baby vomiting sensations. If you experience this, you may want to try giving your baby a smaller soother. 

Finally, it is important to mention that it is not only the size of the soother that determines whether your baby will take it. Some children have a strong need for a soother and will take anything, while others are pickier. If you have a child with a fussier sucking taste, he/she may only want to take a certain shape or material.