Twin discount

At Lullaby Planet, we are committed to supporting families who are experiencing the financial strain of raising a family. We see it as part of our social responsibility and a small contribution to social sustainability. Contact us if your family could use a helping hand.

Dear parents of twins and multiples

At Lullaby Planet, we know that having one baby is expensive - and having two is even more expensive. We want to help parents of twins and other multiples get off to a good start.

So to help you keep costs down, we're offering 1 month's free use of Lullaby Planet soothers in sizes 0-6 months for parents of twins and multiples, equivalent to 4 soothers per child. We engrave the soothers with the children's names, so it's easy to keep track of whose is whose. Plus, you'll also get a discount code that gives you 20% off the entire shop.

Do your children not use soothers or are they more than six months old? You can still get a 20% discount on the entire shop. Send us an email as described below.

To get pacifiers and 20% off, you simply need to

1. Send an email to customercare@lullabyplanet.com

2. Write what shape and material you want, as well as how many children you have and what names we should engrave on their soothers

3. Attach a picture of your children (as documentation)

4. Provide your address and phone number so we can send the soothers to you