Our Common Future

At Lullaby Planet we offer great value for money and high-quality items for babies and their parents.  We strive to do that in a way which doesn’t compromise these very same babies’ abilities to meet their own future needs.  We try to integrate social, environmental and economic sustainability in everything we do– we think people, planet and profit before we act.


We want to work with equal opportunity employers who create jobs for people who need a different set-up to unfold their potential.  A set-up which the ordinary workplace can not offer them.


By focusing on sourcing, packaging and materials we contribute to minimising our carbon footprint.  We prioritise products which are produced as local as possible. We use compostable or recycledpackaging, and we try to influence our suppliers to do the same and at the sametime reduce their packaging.  When choosing our products, we prefer materials which are grown locally, last longer and are free-from harmful substances.

The Journey

We want to run a profitable business so we can keep makingsustainable choices to the benefit of current and future generations.

To become truly sustainable includes making equally social, environmental, and economic choices.  It is a journey, and we are on that journey. We invite you to join us and assist us where you see room for improvement.