Fairechild - Our planet deserves better

Tabitha Osler created fairechild as a response to her vision as a mother to pass on the earth as we know it to her children in the future.

The design of the rainwear therefore focuses on sustainability, quality and above all the functionality of the clothing are equally important. It should allow children to move comfortably in nature without getting wet, no matter what weather.

Fairechild is there for the children and their parents, and of course the environment (or rather the earth).

Sustainability and Philosophy

Fairechild's mission is to produce sustainable rainwear for children. With their "Endlessly Reusable" concept, they put this vision into action every day.

The concept of "growing" clothes helps to reduce waste by not having to buy new clothes every year. This was particularly important to the founder because she had to experience the incredible waste of the fashion industry in her old job in the luxury fashion industry.

Furthermore, the issue of wasting raw materials during the production of clothing plays a major role. As a solution to the question of how this waste can be reduced in terms of fairechild's rainwear, the topic of recycling became important. Thus, all rain jackets are made from 19 plastic bottles each, or to be more exact, the raw materials needed for the production of the jackets. For this purpose, PET plastic bottles are collected and converted into rPET. These recycled bottles are next spun into yarn and then processed into a high-performance fabric in collaboration with Sympatex. This process reduces plastic waste, is carbon neutral, and reduces dependence on petroleum as a raw material.

The goal is to create an endless cycle that contributes to the slow-fashion revolution and reduce the amount of highly polluting textile waste.