XKKO - a small Czech family company

 XKKO was founded in 2000 as a small Czech family business. Their trademark is the muslin diaper. Over time, they have expanded their experience with muslin diapers to other high quality products for babies such as bibs, scarves and socks.

In all products, XKKO emphasizes quality, ecology and innovativeness.

XKKO's values -sustainability and comfort

XKKO takes responsibility and therefore pays strong attention to sustainability aspects, which we appreciate very much.

Many products are therefore based on raw bamboo, which is processed in a non-chemical way. Bamboo is a natural raw material which grows back quickly and therefore the production does not pollute the environment. Bamboo itself contains Bamboo-kun, which ensures resistance to bacteria and offers the possibility of ecological cultivation without pesticides and fertilizers. Not only are the products made of bamboo fibers environmentally friendly, but at the same time they are soft, so there is no need to compromise. On the contrary, due to its antibacterial properties, the material prevents the proliferation of bacteria and reduces the occurrence of unpleasant body odors, while at the same time providing a pleasant thermoregulation and regulates moisture on the skin. In addition, bamboo fiber has a strong absorbing ability and can absorb moisture 3 times better compared to, for example, cotton.

And this is what gives bamboo underwear its exceptional comfort. Due to its properties, this material is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Another material used in the production is organic cotton. The material durable and retains its positive properties even after repeated washing. This contributes to a long life and supports the goal of sustainability. At the same time, organic cotton feels soft to the touch because it contains cotton fibers that are not affected by chemicals normally used in growing and processing. In addition, organic cotton is gentler on the skin in terms of allergies and more permeable to air. By wearing products made of organic cotton, we do not come into contact with chemical residues and also contribute to the protection of our environment. Therefore, these products do not have to compromise between comfort and sustainability and is reason enough to choose organic cotton instead of conventionally grown cotton. In contrast to organic cotton, almost a quarter of the world's pesticides are used in normal cotton cultivation, and according to information from the World Health Organization (WHO), 20,000 people die each year in developing countries from pesticide poisoning.

XKKO uses bioplastic (PLA) as a plastic substitute in its production. This is produced in the USA from genetically unmodified corn waste. PLA is harmless when used and contains no allergens. This makes PLA suitable for more sensitive children and babies with health problems. In addition, all products made of bioplastic PLA are biodegradable. XKKO thus representative to usual plastic saves harmful phthalates, dioxins or other harmful substances. With PLA there is no need to compromise, because PLA achieves the same properties as commonly used plastic from petroleum: elasticity, hardness, transparency, flexibility and durability. Therefore, there is no need to compromise as a customer. In addition, the raw material can be naturally degraded, composted and converted into high-quality biomass. Through these aspects, it ensures no ecological burden and supports our children's generation to drive sustainability.