Weleda - one of the most sustainable skin care companies in the world

 The company was founded in Switzerland in 1921 and has been recognized for several years in a row as one of the most sustainable skin care companies in the world. Weleda carefully selects the medicinal plants used from their own gardens and partnerships with beneficial plants that demonstrate beneficial properties for skin health. Weleda's products are inspired by nature and the body's ability to heal itself. The name Weleda embodies this bond between people and nature. Wise, healing women used to be called Veleda.

Their goal each year is to reduce energy intensity (energy consumption divided by production volume) by 2.5 percent. To this end, Weleda is currently working on a worldwide sustainable mobility and logistics concept.

Weleda's Values - Transparency, Fairness, Quality and Sustainability

Weleda wants to achieve health and beauty in harmony with people and nature, which we strongly support. In this regard, Weleda has developed seven principles to protect the earth and improve life for people and nature.

Communicate transparently and honestly

Weleda maintains a transparent and honest relationship with customers, their partners and suppliers. They act reliably and maintain long-term partnerships.

A cooperative partnership

Weleda employees contribute to the development of the company with their individual skills. They value their co-workers and hand over responsibility so that all are involved in relevant decision-making and thus contribute to inspiring innovations.

They understand quality in a holistic way

They process the natural raw materials for their products in such a way that they can develop their full effect. Weleda view people holistically with body, soul and spirit and the earth as a living organism. To underline their understanding of quality, they continuously develop scientific tests.

Weleda uses knowledge from natural sciences and the humanities

In production, the company uses knowledge from the natural sciences and the humanities for a modern perspective, in order to maintain a holistic understanding of what health and well-being encompasses.

Conserve resources

Resources in this world are limited and therefore Weleda realizes that the available resources must be protected so that people and nature can thrive. Therefore, Weleda sets high environmental standards and promotes biodynamic cultivation and biodiversity. Only as much is used for production as you can give back or even more.

Weleda act ethically and create value

In addition to sustainability regarding the environment, Weleda promotes social sustainability, which we appreciate. They maintain a long-standing fair trade with their cultivation partners. They pay fairly and support social projects - for example for seeds, bees or farmland.

Cultural diversity is important to them

Weleda exists in 20 countries. This cultural diversity is inspiring and powerful for Weleda. As is evident, Weleda pays close attention to sustainability and even produces in Germany, Switzerland and France with 100 percent green electricity. They take responsibility and treat the environment with respect. In addition, they are committed to climate protection.

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