PATCH - Combining Responsibility with Innovation

 When founder James Dutton noticed that his young son Charlie was having a reaction to conventional wound care products, he was motivated to find an alternative solution - only there wasn't one. What emerged was an enormous number of people who had the same problem. 25% of the world's population is affected overall. After months of research and discovering just how many chemicals are in conventional wound care, Nutricare and its award-winning flagship brand "PATCH" was born - a 100% natural bamboo fiber wound bandage with the added goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil.

PATCH mission is to change the existing healthcare market that relies on chemicals and stagnant processes. PATCH sees technology and innovation as key to its mission.

James Dutton believes that every household needs to become cleaner.

PATCH's values - sustainability, innovation and responsibility.

PATCH mission clearly emphasizes striving for the most effective environmental and social practices. They make sure that every level of their business is in line with these values. An important part of PATCH's values is the sustainability factor. They focus on the production of purely natural products, choosing materials responsibly and ensuring low-waste processes and that no harmful chemicals are used. PATCH strives for sustainability and ecology and tries to compensate when carbon is not bypassed. When this is the case, PATCH plants trees and supports organizations such as Trees For The Future. In addition, PATCH is known for their quality and that you have an awareness of social sustainability, which we also pay close attention to here at Lullaby Planet.

PATCH is certified as a B Corporation, which is the highest standard for corporate social responsibility in the world. PATCH is conscious of their social responsibility and bring it forward in line with economic growth. They actively support communities that struggle to access wound care or are affected by natural disasters. From East Timor and Haiti to COVID medical responders and the recent Australian bushfires, PATCH wants to give back, which is something we advocate at Lullaby Planet.