Naty - leading ECO diaper brand in the world

 Naty is a Swedish company that has been around for 25 years.

Through their fair and ethical approach, they have managed to make the diaper market more sustainable. Naty pays full corporate tax in Sweden and the products are not tested on animals. They also care about ecological values without compromising on performance. As a result, the products are environmentally friendly and healthier for children. In the development process, they consult with various organizations and world-leading experts to find the best possible solutions for material and waste management. They also take great care to be transparent with their customers.

Naty's values -innovation and sustainability

Naty uses renewable and certified compostable materials for their products, completely without chemicals. They ensure that baby's skin comes into contact with 0% plastic. They replaced oil-based plastic, which would come in contact with the skin, with plant-based materials. Beyond the product, Naty pays close attention to their packaging used. These are made of plant-based materials and are certified by independent parties. Naty also chooses mindfully when it comes to transportation. They prefer sea and land freight. Air freight is avoided.

In addition to the environmental aspects, Naty also pursues social sustainability, which we at Lullaby Planet are also very big on. They ensure diversity by making gender and nationality irrelevant to employees. In addition, their management team consists of equal numbers of women and men and is mixed with languages and age groups.

In addition, Naty pays close attention to which companies they work with, taking responsibility and influence on how the market works to protect the planet. They make sure to act responsibly and comply with the laws and regulations in their country. They even do not patent their developments to make them available to other companies. Their statement in this regard is, "The better solutions there are on the market, the better."

In addition, Naty sets requirements with their code of conduct, work environment, protecting the rights of the manufacturer's employees, no child labor, and minimizing environmental impact.

Through their constant promotion of innovation, Naty aims to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle and strengthen the future of our planet. We love Naty and think you will love their products too.