Kid's Concept and its values

 Kid's Concept statement regarding their approach is the following: "When we design a product, we must start from the child's perspective, ensuring that we create products that meet children's needs and encourage little ones to play, learn and improve their motor skills and imagination. Our toys must be safe and functional, and they must meet Kid's Concepts' high quality standards." The founder herself says, "I am someone who has an eye for detail, and I enjoy exploring and trying new things. We work with different materials and combine textures and colors that I find interesting to put together. It's great that I'm able to follow the idea all the way from concept to fully tested product."

Wood is the cornerstone of Kid's Concept toys and home furnishings products because wood is a renewable and beautiful material that can be repaired and repainted. If done right, it's better for the planet - that's what we like at Lullaby Planet. Kid's Concept uses another of our favorite materials that we'd love to see more of: Linen. The linen Kid's Concept uses is grown in the Baltics, so not only is it transported much less than most other materials, but it doesn't require pesticides or irrigation to grow. We love it!

Kids Concept's values -sustainability and quality

Function and sustainability go hand in hand. Kids Concept works in close cooperation with its producers and visits them regularly. Kid's Concept aims for a mutual understanding and interest for high quality and environmental aspects. In their actions they always have our generation and all those to come in mind.

Kid's Concept works on sustainable products that we want to pass down through generations. Therefore, they are working to constantly increase the number of FSC® certified products.

We are pleased to have found in Kid's Concept a company that, like us, pursues the goal of sustainability.