Elodie -writes upcycling big

 "Every product I create should have the potential for a second life after its original purpose has been fulfilled," says Linda Sätterström, who founded Elodie Details in 2005, shortly after her daughter Elodie was born.

Having children requires many new items in your home. The items will only be with you for a short time, but during that time they will be tested to the limit! So at Lullaby Planet, we want to offer products that will pass this test and can be passed on to siblings or little family friends. Elodie allows us to make sustainable choices by using responsible materials and smart design, reducing consumption and production of new goods.

Elodie Values -Sustainability, Quality and Functionality

Elodie is concerned about the future of our children, which is struggling with rapid global warming. The difficulty is to implement the concept of sustainability in this industry, which is driven by fast consumption. Elodie is aware of this responsibility and works every day to make better choices to minimize their impact on the environment. Elodie is aware that not everything can be done at once, but Elodie strives to always do better, which we advocate. Their specific goal is to manufacture all products using one or more of their 4 production principles by 2026. They are trying to get closer and closer to that goal. As of 2020, they are at 53%. The 4 principles include:

Recycled Material

Elodie combines functionality and sustainability, opting for a sustainable option. Therefore, Elodie relies on recycled materials. Their goal is to reach 80% by 2026 and then to avoid non-recycled polyester holistically.

Plant-based materials

Elodie uses natural plant fiber in their production. So far, the majority of them are made of bamboo and corn. These have the following characteristics: resistant, biodegradable, compostable, renewable and even partially replace plastic, which leads to environmentally harmful waste.

However, Elodie is realistic and recognizes that so far no solution exists to make durable products exclusively from plant-based materials. As of 2020, 12% of all products are made of plastic and 60% are made of plant-based composite materials. The goal is to replace all traditional plastics with plant-based or recycled alternatives.


Here, Elodie wants to help consumers consume less by extending the life of each product. Their idea is that the longer a product is used, the less impact it has on the environment.


Since the baby industry doesn't appeal to the most careful customers as consumers, products are tested to the extreme. Elodie strives to offer quality products and therefore pays strong attention to safety aspects. In addition, a long shelf life is also important for the responsible consumption of products. By extending the consumption period of a product, its environmental impact is also greatly reduced. Quality is also an important criterion for us and also on this basis we have chosen this selection of brands. Elodie's goal is that by 2026, 75% of their products will be durable enough to be used for at least three children. The remaining 25% are products for hygiene items for everyday use.

An important point of ours, in addition to the environment, is social sustainability and Elodie has also developed awareness in this area and only works with partners who have signed their Code of Conduct by 2025. This code ensures ethical treatment of employees and compliance with applicable health and safety regulations by their suppliers.