Difrax - The leading brand in the Netherlands

 Since 1967, Difrax has been manufacturing baby products using the best materials available - the company is committed to reconciling environmental concerns with child health and safety in its production. As a result Difrax has chosen to produce only silicone soothers, as the production of natural rubber (latex) pollutes the environment with harmful chemicals. Difrax also strives to reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging, which is why, for example, they have replaced a large proportion of the plastic packaging in which we receive their products with paper - just as the amount of plastic in the product packaging has been reduced to a minimum. 

Difrax - a helping hand for parents worldwide 

Difrax wants to support parents all over the world by giving them a helping hand through products that make everyday life a little easier. That is their wish and mission! Difrax is environmentally conscious in its actions and the company is continuously searching for the most sustainable packaging and materials. Just as they align the product range with sustainable aspects in production.

An important goal is to use as little plastic as possible. Difrax also takes social sustainability into account, which we at Lullaby Planet have also made an important component. Difrax tries to promote gender equality - the owner of Difrax, for example, is a woman and a mother herself. Most products are made by manufacturers who have a certificate of social compliance such as Amfort BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). In this way, Difrax ensures that its activities are more sustainable - both for its employees and for the environment. In addition to sustainability aspects, Difrax places great emphasis on safety and hygiene. 

Products to stand out 

We prefer suppliers like Difrax who have the health of both people and planet in mind when they design their products. This is also the case with one of our favourite Difrax products - 250 ml and 310 ml glass bottles for babies.  Scientific studies have confirmed that plastic baby bottles contain microplastics, which can be avoided by using glass bottles.  They are also made of borosilicate glass, which is lighter than ordinary glass and can withstand large temperature differences.  Borosilicate glass is made from 100% natural raw materials and has a particularly long life, making it a sustainable choice.