Dentistar and the values behind

Dentistar was founded in 1984 in Germany and works continuously to improve and optimise their products. Over the years, Dentistar has built up extensive knowledge and insight, which benefits consumers in the form of innovative products of the very highest quality. For example, in collaboration with leading dentists and in line with the latest scientific findings, the Dentistar soother has been developed. Dentistar is the only soother on the market to be certified tooth-friendly by Tooth Friendly International. The soother reduces pressure on the palate and gums by having: an extra flat shield, tooth-friendly teething, maximum suction comfort and more room for the tongue! See our range of soothers.

In addition to soothers, Dentistar produces a range of high quality dental care products such as teething rings, the Dentistar Fingerling and the Cleany microwave disinfection box, a sustainable alternative to boiling. 

Dentistar - putting dental health first 

Dentistar is German quality in the best sense - everything is carefully developed, produced and then thoroughly tested. They guarantee quality through consistent modernisation and their own quality assurance in addition to the usual quality assurance. Dentistar distinguishes itself by combining medical knowledge with material selection in order to put the safety and health of its smallest customers first. Lullaby Planet has adopted Dentistar because of the brand's exceptional work in promoting children's dental health through innovative products. Dentistar uses BPA-free materials in production, in line with EU regulations. In addition, all their soothers have been awarded the "tooth-friendly" rating. Dentistar works together with renowned dentists, orthodontists and researchers to ensure health and quality. 66 percent of all crooked teeth are caused by soothers. Dentistar addresses this problem with its tooth-friendly soothers. Designed to reduce teething-related tooth decay, the Dentistar soother is recommended by dentists.